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04-Nov-2017 13:10

To aid a restful sleep, a nighttime drainage bag can be fastened onto the bottom of the appliance.Stoma appliances The stoma appliance may also be termed a stoma bag.

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The appliance needs to be emptied about four to six times in 24 hours, depending on the volumes of fluids consumed.The stomal output will be urine, with a small amount of mucus from the conduit.The drainable appliance is usually fastened with a bung or tap, to allow release of the urine.The frequency with which the ileostomy appliance is emptied will depend upon a variety of things, including the diet and fluids that were consumed.

Urostomy A urostomy is most commonly formed from the ileum but can also be formed from a segment of colon; the former is termed an ileal conduit and the latter a colonic conduit.The types of stoma are the colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy (the latter is also termed an ileal conduit).