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Finding himself in a world still reeling from the impact of people like him, Harry must take great pains and even greater risks to ensure his own survival and protect his loved ones. After Voldemort's resurrection, Harry awakens to a cold stone floor. But, he wants to REALLY know what it feels like to be her - just for a little while. Bargains have been struck and the road to Hell has been paved with the regret of the guilty. Now he is in for the biggest challenge of his life: attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Everyone thinks he's dead and something dark has happened across the world. He tries to figure everything out, but he seems cause more problems than solve them. The stuff of legends, myth and majesty were the realm of the Fey long before wizards named him Boy Who Lived.After years of toiling with a "reformed" dark wizard willing to aid his revenge, Harry escapes from Nurmengard and finds that the Wizarding world has changed... Harry goes to sleep at 31, but wakes up on his 10th birthday in the cupboard under the stairs. He now has his chance to strike back at the Black Council Thrown into a parallel dimension during the final battle with Voldemort Harry finds himself stranded in a world where Demons exist and the world is protected by a young girl; The Slayer. Will he be able to deal with it, and will he ever get home? Maeve of the Unseelie Court has decided to take one of wizarding kind's myths, to shape as her own. An ongoing series of one shot stories exploring how Slytherin!Without the scar on his forehead Harry is free to choose his own path. Harry appears in Limbo alone with his regrets, until he finds a strange game... What happens when Harry decides to play, changing things in the process? Abandonned by his guardians, Harry Potter vanished from existence. What happens when Gryffindor boldness meets Slytherin shrewdness? When Harry is hit by yet another killing curse, he wakes up years in the past and in an alternate reality. Magic can solve all the Wizarding World's problems. With new options available to him, Xander's different choices and actions cause ever expanding ripples in the tapestry of fate. One year into Voldemort's rein, a confrontation with the Dark Lord catapults the Boy-Who-Lived into 1975. This story chronicles the rise of Harry Potter, the right hand of the Dark Lord Voldemort. After Mc Gonagall's dismissal of the first divination lesson Harry decides to change elective. What if he took things into his own hands properly for once and didn't mess around so much? New Version When Harry returns home to Privet Drive after the fiasco at the Department of Mysteries, he finds that Voldemort's possession released the Horcrux inside of him.

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It's a pretty extensive and systematic theory of magic, based on canon. Favourites Please note that my favourites list is not really a list of favourites in the sense of "the best fanfiction". When Fleur Delacour returns to Hogwarts to help prepare for the war against Voldemort, Harry has to manage an uneasy balance between the demands of the war and the demands of the heart. In which Harry Potter learns that even an unbroken soul is not immutable, and that everything has a price. At the end of Harry's 3rd year Dumbledore realizes he can't coddle Harry and decides to train him. Follow along as we delve into the lives of Harry Potter and friends. But thanks to one unique infant, one Harrion Reyne called Harry by his parents, some survived. Sirius still escaped & Harry has to deal with Slytherin politics & some extra timetravel on top of old drama. But perhaps in the end it would all be worth it...because he'd never be alone again. The Mirror of Erised is supposed to show your heart's desire - so why does Harry Potter see only vague, blurry darkness? The secrets and manipulations will rock Wizarding Britain and reveal a boy who never stopped fighting and a love that never quite faded. Daphne Greengrass doesn't allow herself to relax as often as she should and her health is suffering because of it. He thought this one would be his death, but instead he found himself falling down the rabbit hole. That is all it can take to alter the fate of billions. [Harry Potter characters in an AU with magic replaced by the elemental powers of Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra.

Small but important edit made to Chapter Five In third year, Harry decided to quit Divination, following Hermione. At the same time, Harry Potter moves to eradicate the Order of Blackened Denarius.

Having to take a substitute course, he end up choosing Ancient Runes and find himself to be quite gifted. In the middle of this is the Winter Lady, whose motives remain unknown...

Buried by the prospect of his toughest year at Hogwarts yet. Even though Harry's selection is an attempt on his life, Harry doesn't see any reason not to enjoy the benefits of being a Champion…

Follow Harry Potter as he finds his way across his strange problems, his notoriety and of course, the resurrected dark lord trying to kill him. Somehow surviving, the mystery remains unanswered as the new year draws closer, buried by the looming conflict the Order scrambles to prepare for.AUSequel to Altered Destinies: Harry returns to his original time to find the wizarding world changed due to his actions in the past. Humanity finds itself in a wondrous and dangerous new Universe. Harry Potter goes back in time and has to start everything again.

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Ghost hunts at Armley Mills in Leeds are only for the bravest of ghost hunters, with a history steeped in sadness, sorrow and pain.… continue reading »

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